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Student Support


Personal Tutors

Upon entry at Assess you will be allocated a personal tutor. This member of staff will have experience of ‘A’ level teaching and will guide you through your time in the Sixth Form. The role of the tutor includes:

  • Morning registration;
  • Regular meetings on a one to one basis to discuss progress, problems and strategies to enhance the chances for success;
  • A compulsory weekly tutor period.


Our Staff

Our staff will direct you towards the most appropriate degree course, Higher Education Institution or career.

They will

  • Pass on essential information about courses and relevant open days.
  • Give advice on interviews and arrange practice interviews for those students who will face formal interviews for their Higher Education courses.
  • Assist with the successful completion of UCAS and other application forms.
  • Write references for students in their care.

When you first join you will be given target grades to act as a focus for a minimum level of attainment. These will be realistic to aim for from the start of the course but you will be encouraged to be optimistic and, where possible, to aim higher. Target grades are calculated for by comparing GCSE performance against the National average in each subject area.

At the end of the autumn term, parents/carers will receive a short performance report and be invited to come into the centre to discuss your progress of with teachers.

Parents/Carers will receive a full report at the end of the spring term after subject teachers have discussed performance with individual students. Teachers will also predict grades students are likely to get in the summer.

If there are any serious concerns that emerge during the year, we will devise a plan to assist you so that we can support you through difficulties you may have.

The atmosphere we hope and intend to generate is:-

  • Praise on a regular basis for hard work/success;
  • Realisation coupled with optimism in academic ambition;
  • Realism and optimism in the search for career paths and Higher Education places;
  • A positive and happy learning environment.

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