At Assess Education we take great pride in the range of enrichment opportunities we can offer our students. However, in equal measure our students contribute extensively to the provision and wider community, building positive relationships with local businesses and homes, developing leadership skills and acting as role models to their peers.

There are also PSHE / Citizenship lessons which take place on a weekly basis for each teaching group which allows for curriculum enrichment and the delivery of citizenship skills.

Regular activities include:

  • English and Maths Intervention
  • Employability Skills
  • Catch Up after school sessions
  • Opening Minds Asdan
  • School Council
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Mental Health
  • Values and Beliefs

Through these activities our pupils display and have developed skills which show:

  • Leadership and the potential to be valued citizens of the future
  • Respect and tolerance towards others within an ethos which values the contributions of all
  • Positive responses to and participation in theatre, music, art, drama, sport and cultural activities
  • Self-esteem and confidence enabling awareness of opportunities and progression

Whole School Events

September New Year Fresh start meeting
October Anti Bullying E-safety
November Community Awareness supporting local charities,
homeless, refugees
December Christmas Appeal
January Health Awareness Sex and Relationships
February ADHD Mental Health Awareness Workshop
March Gangs and gang culture
April Healthy eating and Lifestyles
May Careers and College events
June Fundraising
July End of Year Awards

Pride and achievement in learning