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Equal Opportunities Statement

Assess Tuition’s main commitment is to education, to enable individuals and communities to make better, informed choices and to broaden their opportunities.

In accordance with these values Assess Tuition is an equal opportunities recruitment service which endeavours to provide equality of opportunity for all groups, regardless of sex, race, age, disability, marital status, creed, ethnic origin, cultural differences, religion or sexual orientation.

Assess Tuition’s aim is not only to respect equality of opportunity, but to celebrate positively the variety in our multi ethnic/cultural society.

Assess Tuition upholds all the legal obligations as outlined under the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 and 1986. The Race Relations Act of 1976 and the Disability and Discrimination Act of 1983 (in addition to the statements outlined above)

Assess Tuition upholds the Code of Practice on the identification and Assessment of Special Educational needs (1st September 1994) as established in the 1993 Education Act. This entitles all students with Special Needs to receive their full educational entitlement. All teachers registered with Assess Tuition should have an awareness of this.

Assess Education wishes to draw to all teachers and assistants attention, that any form of physical restraint or corporal punishment is strictly forbidden. Intervention is only acceptable if it is to restore safely and/or to prevent a student causing harm to themselves or others. (Education Act 1996 section 548)

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