There are certain instances when students are unable or unwilling to attend a school setting, for example:

  • Hospitalised students
  • Students from a foreign country
  • School refusers
  • Excluded students

Consequently, we educate some of our students over the Internet. Teachers contact their students via Skype and direct them to a learning platform where they will find their lessons. Worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, tests and assignments can all be downloaded by the student, and completed work can be uploaded to be assessed and graded. Students are given the option of speaking directly to the teacher or by typing in their comments, questions or responses. Subjects taught are Science, Maths, English and Business studies and within each subject there are different levels of qualifications appropriate for the individual students. Some students remain on Skype for the duration of the school year while for others it bridges the gap while a permanent setting is found.

We provide local students with a good quality Laptop on which to access Skype and take them through all the processes prior to starting their lessons.

Our aim is to make Skyped lessons an extension of the classroom environment and as such all our Skyped lessons have the same objective – to ensure students can engage in well-taught lessons and consequently make progress.

Pride and achievement in learning